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Vacation in Carinthia

Summer, south, summer fun - this is vacation in Carinthia.
Carinthia - vacation with friends. In Carinthia the sun simply laughs more often - from the most beautiful lakes and the wonderful mountain tops right to the mind of men.

Carinthia, the country of castles and palaces

Nature and culture join Carinthia into a piece of art. At the most attractive places throughout the region, you are sure to find a castle or a palaces, or at least tuins which remained.

Some of these ancient buildings are open to the future generations, others are private property and you can only guess from a distance what they might hold within. In any case: each of these ancient wall sos witness to their own, unique history.

Culture in Carinthia - the Wörthersee festival

Since 1999, the floating lake stage in Klagenfurt’s picturesque eastern bay provides a spectacular highlight in Carinthia’s already dense cultural program. A transparent roof allows visitors a view of the splendid evening scenery of the illuminated lake. Really a unique Open Air experience.
And during the summer, not only the stage is floating free on the lake - even the visitors plattform will float directly in the water, but still dry.

Your hotels in Carinthia


Hotel Weidenhof ***
Familie Johann und Erika Mair
A - 9073 Klagenfurt-Viktring
Wörthersee-Südufer-Straße 66