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Vacation in Lower Austria

The densely forested wetlands along the Danube, March and Thaya, the rugged canyons of the Ötscher, the rolling hills of the countryside around Retz, the moors of the Waldviertel, the great river valley in the Wachau, the pine forests in the Vienna Woods and the oak forests in the Weinviertel, the mystical places of power in the Waldviertel and the silent Kellergasses in the Weinviertel, alpine meadows, fields full of sunflowers, vineyards, wild mountain streams, calm forest lakes… Lower Austria is gifted with many different landscapes.

But, being this close to the capital of Vienna, there are also many distinguishing sights created by human hands: There is the ‘Venus vom Galgenberg’, the world’s oldest stone plastic, created around 30.000 BC, and there is St. Pölten’s country house quarter, a glamorous ensemble of modern architecture.

Lower Austria - Diversity for epicures

The unique diversity of nature and culture is equivalent to the touristic attractions offered. Active holidays with hiking-, bicycle-, golf- or trendsport specialists, relaxing days in health- and wellbeing centers, sightseeing trips through the many small towns or magnificent monasteries, epicurean holidays at vineyards or inns, experience nature in national parks or at farmsteads,... The range of vacation ideas is quite endless, but not hard to find: With only a few clicks you can find the ingredients for your dream vacation.

The region for epicures is a worthwhile destination for gourmets as well as for the common meat and potatoes man: Regional specialities include poppyseed, sparrowgrass, apricots, pumpkin, cider and, naturally, win. These not only determine the way of living and cuisine, but add to the landscape of Lower Austria.

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