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Vacation in Salzburg

Salzburg is as varied as it’s landscape: Whether the lakes, the national park or the festivals - the country around salzburg is pure relaxation.

Bathing in Salzburg’s countryside, a view at the Waller lake, hiking in the countryside

The ‘Salzburger Land’ is renowned not only because of it’s landscape, but also because of it’s faceted culture the city and the countryside have to offer.
No matter if you visit the city during the festival or the ‘Bauernherbst’ on the countryside during you vacation here - it always is feast for all the senses. Always, the exceptional landscape makes the perfect backdrop.

The Grossglockner High Alpine Road, the Hohensalzburg fortress, the Krimml Waterfalls - with their 380 meters the highest waterfalls in europe - are the most visited sights in Salzburg. Also very popular are a romantic boat trip on the Wolfgang lake, a visit to Mozart’s birthplace, to Heillbrunn castle, the House of Nature or Salzburg’s Open Air Museum in Grossgmain. Furthermore, you can also visit the salt mine in Hallein and the ‘Untersberg’ with it’s museum, nature park and the ‘Untersberg-Bahn’.
You can also  experience the wild mountain side - water,. ice and prehistoric rock - while on a trip to the sports region Zell am See - Kaprun. The untouched nature, the alpin huts and the ‘Eisriesenwelt’ will inspire you.

On the way to a new awareness of life

A visit to Lungau, a village at over 100 meters altitude, will guarantee clean forest air, crystal clear water and will have both a calming and revitalizing effect.
Salzburg will also delight you with it’s high gastronomic quality. The fields, forests, rivers and lakes deliver the best ingredients. No matter if it’s a down-to-earth guesthouse or a distinguishes restaurant, Salzburg’s cuisine surprises every time. Nowhere else in austria you will find that many distinguished chefs!

Your Hotels in Salzburg


Hotel Hölle ****
Familie Pühringer
A - 5020 Salzburg
Dr.-Adolf-Altmann-Str. 2

Hotel Bräuwirth***
Ernst Pühringer/Basilius Englmair
5101 Bergheim
Lengfelden 21